Yufanised, Interactive Exhibition Saturday 25th Copenhagen


When we opened in June we were thinking that over summer we would exhibit an odd piece here and there, try and spread the word on interactive design through to the general public, and then maybe one day we would get the chance to hold a fuller interactive exhibition. That day is here sooner than we expected. On Saturday 25th August we will be exhibiting works from two very talented designers. The first Yufan wang, a recent alumni of Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design and runner up in core77 design awards for his piece Channel of mindfulness

Yufan will be displaying a few of his pieces here which are all amazing in themselves but the piece we’re particularly looking forward to seeing is an interactive projected installation with the aim of helping beginners understand the core concepts of programming languages. The interaction lies in the way the user can apply functional cogs to a ‘function ball’ the piece then responds by changing the behavior of the balls in the projections.

function(); from YUFANGISED on Vimeo.

We’re also very lucky to have an interactive game piece from Magdalena Kogutowska a trained computer scientist specializing in robotics. Magdalena wants to bring technology back in to the hands of the humans and in her words, take advantage of the knowledge we have to optimize the earth’s natural resources, create connections between countries and cultures, and help humans develop through play. The games that she will be exhibiting resound this philosophy. These are a series of 4 electronic games with scifi undertones that will captivate you. Once you have conquered one game, you are led to the next and then the next until you reach the final game where it then takes a picture of you and records any message you feel you may want to leave. take a look at some of the messages other people have left, here

Saturday promises to be an interesting day and we are really looking forward to seeing who will come and how they will interact with the pieces. Hope to see you there!

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